The survey is now closed and the key initial findings are shown below. We received 294 responses, which with up to 1,500 regular players in our league, represents a response rate of around 20%, which, in the words of the professional analyst we have consulted on this, is a 'pretty decent response for a voluntary survey'.  
As shown in the summary document, there was as good spread across the divisions, with the highest response rates in the highest divisions, which is what would be expected, and across the spectrum of our clubs. 
It is important to put the survey in context. The survey is only a part of the process of ensuring that the League meets the needs of its players, and that its' playing conditions and rules are fit for purpose. But these will not be changed solely as a result of the survey. The next steps are to: 
analyse all the comments made 
discuss the findings in committee and at the Premier Section captains' meeting 
identify any specific actions to be taken, to be agreed by the League Executive Board  
formulate proposals for any changes to rules and playing conditions for consideration at the AGM 
The key initial findings were as follows: 
Start times: There is a clear preference for 12 noon starts down to, and including division 4, after which 13.00 increases in popularity; there is also little support for 11.00am starts. 
Number of overs: The preference down to and including division two is for 50; in Divisions 3-5, there is significant support for both 40 & 46; in 6-9, 40 is the most popular but there is some support for 30, particularly in Divisions 7-9.  
Balls & clothing: The overwhelming preference across the board is to retain red balls and white clothing for league games. 
Teas: The overwhelming preference across the board is for teas to be provided. 
Maximum bowlers' overs:  
in the Premier Section, the preference appears to be to move to a maximum 20% (10 per bowler), with the split of 30% for two mainline bowlers and 15% for the rest, as the most popular alternative 
in the Senior Section, there is a divergence of views, with support for 20% and 30% being very similar, and the 30/15% split being the most popular alternative 
Sunday cups: A significant majority across the board want to play in Sunday cups, but do not want them to be compulsory, particularly in the Senior Section. 
T20 Blast group days: A significant majority of Premier Division players want only one group matchday; but a lot of other players lower down the structure also answered, with support for T20 group matchdays increasing lower down - this, read alongside some comments made - suggests that in the lower divisions there could be significant support for T20 rather than 40-over cups 
In addition to the responses that have been tabulated, there were three 'free text' questions, covering umpire recruitment; cup/T20 competitions; and 'other changes players would like to see'. There are being separately analysed and will be published in due course. Two areas that will need further investigation and discussion in particular are bowlers' overs and cup/T20 competitions. 
We thank all those who took the time to respond, particularly those who included such detailed and insightful comments. The door is not closed, we will continue to keep players informed, and will welcome any further thoughts. 
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