Clubs' bulletin No 4 - 15 April 

Covid. In line with Government guidance on Covid-19 measures the ECB has also removed any cricket specific guidance relating to Covid-19. Note in particular that the need for on-field ball and hand sanitising is removed. Please note that: 
some individuals at higher risk may still wish to minimise their contact with other people, and in particular not want to shake hands before games 
if you have Covid symptoms, please get tested and avoid any unnecessary contact with your fellow club members 
the league has immediately adopted the new ECB Law 41.3 which comes into force in October 2022 – this says that players are forbidden from using saliva on the ball but can use sweat to shine it 
the South Yorkshire Umpires Association has decided that: 
their members should not carry items such as sweaters and caps - any discarded items should be placed outside the boundary 
at the fall of a wicket or a stoppage, the umpires will take control of the ball, but will ask fielders to drop the ball into a small poly bag which they will hold 
at the end of play, they would not take the stumps off the field, this will be left to the home team or ground staff 
Play-Cricket. New Play-Cricket processes and requirements have necessitated changes to our Administrative Rules, specifically numbers 26, 28, 29, 32, 37 & 46. 
Teas. In response to requests, Andrew Tipple has posted an updated list of clubs’ tea arrangements on our Facebook pages. Note that Rockingham CCC will not now be able to provide teas, other than for third XI games at Stainborough. 
We wish all players and officials the very best of luck for the coming season 
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