Abuse of junior players 
Following recent on-field incidents, we ask all umpires in our league to be particularly vigilant towards abusive language and comments towards junior players, to be alert to body language, and to be seen to be taking a proactive approach where verbal abuse in suspected. Personal insults and abusive language towards any player are unacceptable, and constitute disciplinary breaches, but in the case of junior players they have potentially serious consequences. We do not want young players to be driven out of our game by abuse. It is not acceptable to say ’they will have to learn to deal with it’. Any such incident must be reported to the League Safeguarding Manager
Communications to clubs 
Following some feedback about communications to clubs that have been made in the player survey, we would like to set up a small working group to discuss how we can improve. If you have any feedback on this subject, or would like to be involved in our discussions, please contact the website & administration manager
Ground & facilities standards for Premier Section clubs 
The ground & facilities criteria to be used for distribution of ECB monies have now been agreed by the LEB. 10% of the payment due to clubs in the Premier Section will depend on adherence to these criteria. Clubs will be assessed against these before the end of the season and will be advised of their results. 
Play-Cricket update 
Please note that overseas registrations are now closed and that player transfers registration ends at midnight on 31 July. 
Positions of Trust – a change in the law 
Please note that there has been a change in law regarding positions of trust, which is relevant to coaches. On 28 June 2022, the roles included in the definition of position of trust were extended to include anyone who ‘coaches, teaches, trains, supervises or instructs on a regular basis in a sport or religion’. It is currently an offence in England and Wales for anyone aged over 18 years in a position of trust to engage in sexual activity with a child in their care. 
Rule 43 – players’ clothing 
League administrative rule 43 was unanimously agreed at last year’s AGM, its purpose being to ensure the smart appearance of players in YCSPL games. There has been recent publicity about clause iv of this rule, which prohibits players displaying slogans on shirts. The purpose of this clause is to ensure that players do not display any slogans that might be controversial or offensive to some people. The only fair way to do this is to bar all slogans, whether or not the League Executive Board agrees with the sentiments expressed. 
This brings us into line with partner Premier Leagues and the ECB, whose rules specify that only club and manufacturers’ logos and sponsor advertising can be displayed on clothing. 
We have suggested that if players or clubs strongly believe in a good cause, there are alternative means of promoting that cause, without infringing this rule, such as through electronic media, posters in clubhouses, boards and banners at grounds, etc. 
We will also make an amendment to the rule, which will allow clubs to promote a bona fide charity on clothing, provided this is done in accordance with laid-down criteria. 
Team cards 
Please note that only the month and year of the date of birth of junior players should be shown on team cards - not the date. 
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