Clubs' bulletin No 7 - 6 May 

Completion of team cards. For junior players, can captains please ensure that dates of birth, not age groups, are shown on the cards. 
League Executive Board. The notes of the April meeting are now posted on the website
Loan system. The loan system is currently under review by the Senior Section committee because it has been brought to our attention that some junior players are not getting games on Saturdays. 
Play-Cricket update 
Where games have not been input on Live Scores, results and scorecards must be accurately completed and submitted by 22:30 on the day of the match by the home team. If it is easier for the away team to upload the result, rather than it being manually input by the home team, this may be done provided that both clubs agree. The result so input will be final. 
The away club must ensure that their club's Play-Cricket Action Center is clear of any outstanding issues relating to the game and then confirm the result within 24 hours of the match start time. 
Player of the Month awards. As a result of a suggestion made in response to Andrew Tipple’s pre-season questions for our Facebook site, the League Executive Board has approved the introduction of Player of the Month awards. Awards will be made four times during the season (April/May, June, July, and August/September), for each of our eleven divisions. The awards will be made to players who have produced either the single most outstanding individual performance during the month, or who have produced a number of impressive performances, depending on what the judging panel deem to have been of most merit. Winners will be announced on social media and the League website, and will be presented with a framed certificate at a subsequent game. 
Results in cup competitions. The rules for cup competitions have been clarified to reflect that when DLS is not used and weather intervenes, provided that a minimum of ten overs have been bowled, the result will be determined by comparing the score at the end of the last completed over of the second innings, with the score at the end of the corresponding over in the first innings. The winner will be the side that has scored the most runs, or, if runs are equal, the side that has lost the fewest wickets. It is necessary therefore, where DLS is not being used, for scorers to note the score at the end of each over. If a result cannot be achieved in this manner, there will be a ‘bowl out’ or ‘coin toss’. 
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