Clubs' bulletin no 11 of 2023 - 1 July 

Enjoy Cricket. Enjoy Cricket is an opportunity for Yorkshire-based cricket clubs, community centres and schools to run coaching days that are fully funded by the Charitable Youth Trust and run by the Yorkshire Cricket Foundation. The primary aim of the scheme is to give an introduction to cricket for children aged 5 and upwards the opportunity to participate in an organised, fun, coaching environment, from as little as £1 per day. Please see the attached information sheet with more details, and the application form if you would like your club to be involved. 
Issue with PCS scoring. There is an issue with PCS that affects phone and tablet scoring. Players that ‘did not bat' are not showing if a team wins batting second. This has been raised with the developers of PCS, they are working on a fix now. Please double check all scorecards for accuracy until this issue has been fixed. 
Lapses in Play-Cricket registrations. There have been several instances this season where players have been de-registered because they have not accessed their Play-Cricket account in the last two years. This has caused inconvenience and additional work for the players and clubs concerned. 
This happens as a result of an automatic process that is outside the League’s control. If a player does not access their account in over two years, their status on the system is automatically changed to ‘temporary’ and they become de-registered. To avoid this, we urge all clubs to ensure that their players access their P-C accounts at least once within any two-year period. This also has the benefit for the player that it enables them to access their statistics, and for the League that it helps us ensure that only bona fide eligible and registered players are able to play, and that we satisfy GDPR requirements. 
Leg-side fielders in the Premier Section. There has recently been some confusion on this issue. There are no restrictions on the overall number of leg-side fielders in the Premier Section (the ‘no more than two behind the popping crease on the leg side’ in the Laws of the Game does apply however). Playing condition 15.iv, which limits the overall number of leg-side fielders to five, applies only in the Senior Section. 
Live-Scoring. So far this season we have achieved 94% of games on live scores – an increase of 10% on last year and more than double the ECB target. This is a tremendous effort that reflects well on our league – a big thank you to all concerned!! 
Premier Section captains’ meeting. There will be a short meeting for all Premier Section captains by Zoom on Monday 17 July (7.30pm). An invitation letter has been issued – please contact Steve Ward if it is not received. 
Safe Hands Management System. The League achieved 100% system compliance by the 30 April deadline, for which we thank all clubs. But we do all need to keep on top of this to avoid problems further down the line, in particular with Clubmark accreditation. Please ensure that any system-generated email reminders are actioned promptly. 
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