Disciplinary section 
Disciplinary committee 
Mick Bocking (chairman) 
Neil Vaughan (deputy chairman) 
Disciplinary procedure 
The YCSPL disciplinary procedures can be found here 
Disciplinary report form 
The YCSPL disciplinary report form can be downloaded here 
Please note the following important change to YCSPL disciplinary sanctions 
The disciplinary committee have listened to comments from clubs and committee members and decided to review the current system. They have discussed the disciplinary penalty points in some detail and believe the award of three disciplinary penalty points for Level 1 ‘warnings’ to be disproportionate. From now on, Level 1 ‘warnings’ will attract one disciplinary penalty point per ‘warning’. The Disciplinary Committee considers this a fairer and more reasonable sanction. The change was approved by the League Executive Board on 26 July 2021. 
The three disciplinary penalty points awarded for Level 1 ‘warnings’ during the current season have been adjusted, backdated to the beginning of this season, to reflect the above change in policy. For clarity, the current automatic suspended ban of two weeks that is issued in respect of Level 1 ‘warnings’ remains in place. 
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