Anti-discrimination training. There will be further in-depth training for officials and we will pass on information as we get it – in the meantime, everyone is encouraged to complete the short online training session
Please go onto our Facebook page to share some information about your club by answering Andy Tipple’s five questions - new arrivals at your club for 2023; any significant departures; any players we should look out for; targets for 2023; what you are particularly looking forward to in the new season. This information is used in our pre-season newsletter, that helps us promote our league 
Following a recommendation from the Communications Working Group, we will be setting up a mailing list for the League bulletins and any other general information we want to share with clubs. The aim is to recognise that clubs have different organisations, and provide information once only and to those who want it. We will write out to all clubs to ask who they would like to be on this mailing list. 
Disciplinary issues. There have been minor revisions to our disciplinary processes. Neil Vaughan is now the League disciplinary adjudicator, in charge of our disciplinary processes. The sanction for a Level 1 warning is now eased from to a one-week suspension from two. We want to ensure the highest possible standards of behaviour, and captains are crucial to this. 
Live-Streaming. To reduce administrative burdens and avoid last-minute disappointments, we will publish a summary on our website, showing which clubs will be live-streaming games, and which clubs and umpires have consented for their games to be live-streamed. A letter has gone to clubs and umpires seeking this information. Captains will still need to have written consent available for inspection in the case of juniors in the under-16 age group and below. 
Postponement of games due to other sporting events. No rearrangement of games is permitted due to players wanting to attend other sporting events. 
Overseas students. ECB Premier League rules only allow overseas students to play as Category 3 overseas players or qualify by residence where they have completed 210-days continuous residence in the year ended 31 March prior to the season. This does not apply to the Senior Section, and overseas students may be registered to play in Division 1 and below by registering as Category 3 and inserting ‘overseas student’ in the additional information box. 
Safe Hands Management System. A change in the system has resulted in registered club officials receiving an email prompt to log into the system. It is essential that this is done, because if it is not, that person will be lapsed, and the club will not be Safe Hands compliant – which will affect Clubmark status. The deadline for clubs’ SHMS to be up-to-date for the season and fully compliant is 30 April 2023. A further Safe Hands course is to be arranged after the start of the season. If in any difficulty, or to register interest in a course, please contact Lindsay Pepper
Start of season. Despite March being the wettest on record, there is simply no scope to push the season back, and it will start as planned on 15 April. Groundsmen have been unable to work on pitches as they would have wished, and inevitably there will be some underprepared and below standard pitches at the start of the season. We ask for everyone’s patience, support and understanding until pitches get back to normal. 
Tea provision. Due to premises work, it will not be possible for teas to be provided at Adwick-le-Street and Wentworth this season. 
Use of injury reporting surveillance tool. This is an ECB performance target that affects the ECB funding received by the League. We ask all clubs to record injuries, however minor, by completing the tool’s simple drop-down menu. This is accessed on your club’s Play-Cricket site, by clicking ‘site administration’, then ‘day-to-day’, then ‘members’, and ‘injury reporting’. 
Use of non-turf pitches. The League Executive Board, recognising the shortage of pitches in South Yorkshire, has approved the use of non-turf pitches in Divisions 7 to 9, provided they have sightscreens, adequate changing facilities for players and umpires, and suitable scoring facilities. 
Use of saliva on the ball. In order to try and help reduce incidents where fielding sides are sanctioned for inadvertently using saliva on the ball, the League has agreed with the umpires ‘associations that one ‘first and final warning’ will be given to the fielding side on the occasion of the first instance being noticed by the umpires. Any repetition after that warning will result in formal action being taken under Law 41.3, including penalty runs, changing of the ball, and removal of the bowler from the attack. See also a summary of the main law changes for 2023
Other business 
Who’s the Umpire. New team captains must log onto Who’s the Umpire in order to be advised of the umpires for their game – to be contacted in the event of any cancellation , for example – the link is; Premier Division captains should select organisation ‘YPL’ and in the Championship and below, organisation ‘YCSPL’. 
in the Senior Section, clear your club’s Action Centre to complete scorecards and confirm results after the game 
agree or object to player transfers, both internal and external, in the Action Centre as soon as possible to speed up the process. 
Electronic scoring. Last season 84% of games were on live scores – the best in the country; we would like to improve on this, if possible; it is much easier for scorers in terms of downloading, and we will give clubs £100 towards the cost of a suitable laptop. For more information please contact Steve Ward. 
Fixture rearrangements. This has proved a real headache for the Competitions Manager this season, with over 80 requests, of which some proved very difficult to resolve. Admin rule 16 requires clubs to have 22 Saturdays available on their home grounds, and clubs are asked to do everything in their power to ensure they meet this requirement. Where this is not possible, we ask that other clubs are as supportive as possible in agreeing rearrangements. The 2024 season is provisionally scheduled for 20 April to 14 September. 
Umpire exchanges. In the Premier Division, there will be some umpire exchanges with the Bradford Premier League, to give Bradford umpires the opportunity of standing with National Panel umpires. 
We wish everyone connected with our league an enjoyable season. In the event of any issues or queries, please contact Roger Pugh (Premier Section) or David Ward (Senior Section ). 
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