From 2023, the South Yorkshire Women’s and Girls League (SYW&GCL) will come under the umbrella of the Yorkshire Cricket Southern Premier League in terms of governance, safeguarding and the disciplinary structure. 
We feel that this exciting development represents a great opportunity to strengthen and expand the YCSPL, whilst supporting the further expansion of women’s and girls’ cricket in South Yorkshire. We understand that the YCSPL will be only the third Premier League in the UK to have a women’s and girls’ section. 
The SYW&GCL has been rapidly expanding since the end of the pandemic. The 2022 season saw four divisions of softball cricket and a hardball cup competition within the League, whilst a number of clubs also playing hardball league cricket. In total, 45 teams were playing women’s and girls’ cricket in South Yorkshire last season. 
The women’s and girls’ indoor game has also grown rapidly, with 49 teams playing softball and hardball cricket over this 2022 winter period in South Yorkshire. 
Following the very fast expansion of SYW&GCL in a short space of time, it is now clear that it needs supporting policies and structure to be in place to help its’ governance, and the YCSPL is delighted to help support it by sharing its own established infrastructure. 
This will not result in any significant change for the clubs and players. Fixtures will be generated and registration for the new season will take place in the normal way. Mel Mahmood, YCSPL Participation Manager, will take overall responsibility for supporting the Women’s & Girls League in the YCSPL, and will represent its interests on the League Executive Board. We will open a women’s and girls’ section on our website, and will include information on the SYW&GCL in our handbook. 
Mel says, ‘The women’s and girls’ game is growing rapidly around the world, and I am delighted to be able to assist in supporting this growth in South Yorkshire, especially as it was via the Women’s Softball League that I was introduced to, and got involved with, our wonderful sport. 
‘By joining the YCSPL, the Women’s and Girls’ League will gain equality in governance, structure and will be able to gain more access to resources to progress. I am truly excited to be part of this new chapter and proud of being the first regional league in the North to promote the women’s and girls’ game directly.’ 
Dean Smith at the Yorkshire Cricket Board adds, ‘It has been great to see the women’s and girls’ game grow so much in the past few years to a point where we have one of the biggest softball cricket leagues in the country. This partnership with the YCSPL will help develop the sustainability of our league moving forward. A huge thank you to all of the clubs and their efforts that have been put in both on and off the field making this league a great experience for women and girls of all ages.’ 
[photo: Tickhill Tigers - Yorkshire Women's & Girls' champions 2022] 
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