The notes of the clubs' pre-season meeting have now been published and circulated to clubs. These are reproduced below. 
Welcome. Matt Summerhill welcomed all to the meeting, in particular, our new club Parkhead. He hoped that we would all be able to meet on a face-to-face basis very soon. Matt asked for a moment’s silence to remember those in our community who have been lost during the pandemic.  
Covid arrangements. David Ward said that there had been considerable guidance that had been circulated and the League would continue to keep clubs updated. He emphasised that it is up to clubs to ensure that they comply with all relevant guidance and said that advice was available both from the League and Gareth Davis at YCB. Specific documents include the templates for risk assessments in the ECB guidance and the ECB resource hub, that contains a huge range of materials to support clubs on Covid and many other issues. 
Fixtures. Matt Summerhill said that: 
all fixtures are now uploaded onto Play-Cricket, and he urged clubs to cross-check that the fixtures on P-C were consistent with their own fixture lists 
the T20 competition formats will be reviewed due to the difficulty of holding three games on a ground on the same day under current Covid rules; he asked clubs to bear with us whilst the issues are considered and decisions made 
all clubs are asked to cross check Play-Cricket and their own fixture lists 
Arrangements for balls, handbooks & team-cards. Linzey Scothern is co-ordinating arrangements for distribution to all clubs early in w/c 12 April. 
Premier Section issues 
Mark Beardshall paid tribute to the work done by his ‘predecessor’, Roger Pugh, who, along with David Ward, he said had done so much to lay a fantastic foundation for the new league structure 
he welcomed the Championship clubs into the Premier Section, saying that there was no ‘glass ceiling’, more an opportunity for all clubs to progress to the highest level, and said that he wants to encourage and support a raising of standards both on and off the field 
Mark cited the example of Wakefield Thornes, and said that believes that there is a great opportunity to lay down a dynasty and legacy in South Yorkshire, and really put the area ‘on the cricket map’ 
he wished everyone connected with the League the best of luck for a really good season, and hoped that the cricket would be played hard, but fairly 
Mark encouraged anyone with any concerns to get in touch, saying that he could not guarantee that we would be able to do what people wanted, but promised them a fair hearing 
Senior Section issues 
David Ward emphasised that although the league is split in two sections, it is ‘one league’, that all clubs are important, and that he and Mark have regular dialogue 
he echoed Mark’s sentiment that whilst we may not be able to please all our clubs, we want to please most of them as much as we can, and invited clubs to contact him at any time 
Overseas players 
Chris Froggett emphasised that his role was to help people, rather than to catch them out, saying that it is easier to provide guidance in advance than to deal with situations after the fact; guidance is available and he will be happy to give advice 
he said that there are two main issues – eligibility and quarantine; clubs are expected to comply with government quarantine rules and the overseas player registration forms have been amended to show arrival dates and date of first match, so that he can flag up any apparent quarantine issues 
Chris said that, at matches, the umpires are the first port of call on any issues, and they will escalate if necessary 
See Government quarantine guidance - the second section on quarantining after arrival is the key part 
Matt Summerhill emphasised the importance of publicity to the League, saying that a pre-season newsletter would be published next week, and asked clubs to provide material for inclusion, for example, new players, improved facilities, and special events. 
he also asked clubs to review the information about themselves on the website, and to correct and/or add additional information 
Matt said that there is a ‘clubs page’ on the website that can be used by clubs to publicise their activities, supported by the League’s social media accounts, and invited clubs to make use of this 
Contributions for the newsletter and website to please 
Disciplinary issues 
David Ward said that the disciplinary regulations have been reviewed and revised. The main change is to draw a distinction between Level 1 Warnings and Level 1 Cautions (for disciplinary breaches) – the former will attract only a warning and suspended ban; the second will necessitate the club being asked to take action in line with the regulations. 
captains’ sessions are being organised on disciplinary issues 
Mick Bocking is the League Disciplinary Chairman ( and Neil Vaughan his deputy 
Safeguarding issues 
Maurice Gilliatt emphasised the importance of the club safeguarding role, referring to the ECB’s Safe Hands policy; Maurice has been seeking confirmation from clubs of the name, DBS number and date of their certification for their Safeguarding Officer and will send a reminder to clubs who have not responded so far 
Online courses are available for anyone who needs to update their Safeguarding Certificate, and Maurice asked clubs to let him know when they have completed a course or when they are booked on a course. 
Maurice also reminded clubs that details of club Safeguarding Officers should be uploaded onto Play-Cricket 
Clubs to ensure that they have responded to Maurice ( with the information requested as above 
Scoring issues 
Steve Ward is running preparedness sessions for Premier Section scorers, including on Play-Cricket Scorer Plus and DLS 
Senior Section scorers are encouraged to use online scoring (tablet, phone or laptop) and live scores; Steve emphasised that he is willing and able to give advice and support to all scorers 
referring to Covid restrictions, Steve said that only one scorer is allowed to sit in the scorebox and encouraged clubs to liaise about scoring arrangements in advance of games 
Finance issues. Steve Ward spoke on behalf of Ashley Boothman, who was at work, saying that: 
invoices are now on P-C for cricket balls 
League subs invoices will be prepared this week and those for YCB subs will follow in early May 
Other business 
DBS checks – Gareth Davis said that any club that has officials who need DBS checks to let him know, quoting names, dates of birth and the name of the club. 
Covid – there was a discussion about Covid restrictions in respect of spectators and hospitality from the start of the season. Whilst the ECB Roadmap says that spectators are allowed from 12 April, Gareth Davis indicated that this would not be the case.Since the meeting, the ECB weekly update on 10 April has confirmed that spectators will still not permissible on private grounds after 12 April, but that hospitality provision is allowed as detailed in the latest ECB guidance. 
Play-Cricket – David Ward said that he would be writing out to all clubs to ask them to review their nominated P-C administrators and to respond by 14 April so that the system can be updated – this is to ensure that emails are issued to those who need them, and unnecessary emails are eliminated. 
Umpires – David said that we require 124 umpires every week, and that he anticipates only around 85 being available each week; in the Senior Section, precedence will be given to clubs who have nominate umpires for the panel – if no notification is issued on WTU, there will be no umpires at a game. If each club could nominate one more umpire, we would have cover for all games. 
Live streaming – Conisbrough propose to live stream all first and second team games and there was some discussion about streaming. Clubs intending to stream games should seek the permission of their opponents and the umpires in advance. 
Maltby Miners Welfare CC – Maltby have had to drop their second team due to lack of player unavailability and are seeking to arrange some Sunday friendlies so they can give games to those who will miss out. Any club interested in arranging a Sunday friendly please contact Maltby MW. 
First aid courses – Gareth Davis asked to be advised if we need him to organise any first aid courses. 
Closure. In closing the meeting, Matt Summerhill wished everyone all the best for the season. 
At 3pm this Saturday, 17 April, all games will pause, irrespective of the state of play, to observe the national one-minute silence in memory of HRH Prince Philip. 
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