Matt Summerhill issued his latest chairman's League update last week. His letter is reproduced below. 
Welcome to my second update. I hope everyone in your clubs are safe and well, and remaining positive in these very challenging times. 
The post-Christmas period is usually fairly quiet for cricket leagues, but this pre-season has been quite different. We have continued our integration, with inaugural meetings of the League Executive Board, the Premier Section and the Senior Section all taking place since my last note. We have also seen a number of meetings held by our Equity and Diversity Group, which has gained significant momentum in its short life. 
The Chair of the group and LEB member is Milton Samuels, well-known to many of us as a stalwart of the game and the beating heart of Caribbean Cricket Club. Jason Booth (Barnsley Woolley Miners) represents the group on the Premier Section committee, with Irfan Mirza (Rotherham Town) carrying out the same role on the Senior Section committee. 
On the recent ECB Premier League Chairs call, Paul Bedford, who is the National Participation Manager for Leagues & Competitions at the ECB, noted that cricket had been seen very positively by Department of Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) last season for the manner in which it adapted to the Covid-19 management strategy. It is felt that this should stand us in good stead for the 2021 season.  
At this stage, we are planning for a full season to commence on 17 April, but we want to be ahead of the game if the current lockdown continues. We have, therefore, created a small sub-committee to look at contingency planning for disruption to the season. We hope to be in a position to release these plans to clubs shortly. 
All fixtures have now been set and have been uploaded onto play-cricket. The play-cricket sites of the old YSPL and SYSCL have been merged into a single site which will hopefully mean that clubs should see minimal disruption. However, I would urge all clubs to check their League Registered Player list to ensure that all records have been merged across rather than waiting forthe first game to see the 1st XI captain needs registering!! 
We recently issued a request for sponsorship leads which could financially benefit clubs to a total of £1,500. We have, as yet, however, not received any leads from clubs. This is a gentle request to please speak to your sponsors and members to see if there is anyone out there willing to sponsor a division or cup. Not to put too fine a point on it, the more sponsorship we receive the more opportunity we have to keep the cost of League membership, match balls, etc, as low as possible for our clubs – no sponsorship means rising costs, so it is in everyones’ interests to get as much sponsorship as we can. 
We have already had a number of applications to join us in 2022 season, which is testament to the strength of the League. We pride ourselves in offering opportunities for people at all levels to play the game, and long may this continue. 
Whilst on the subject of providing opportunity, it would be remiss of me not to highlight the fantastic work that Rockingham Colliery are doing in Zimbabwe, which was recently featured on our website. The Rockingham Colliery Scholarship Award is a fantastic initiative and shows the long term benefits that can grow from engagement with overseas players. We look forward to seeing more about Rock’s work in Africa over the next few years. 
Finally, we are still significantly short of the number of umpires and scorers we need. With the challenges of lockdown, a number of opportunities for training are now appearing online. In terms of umpiring, please see these links - umpire recruitment and Stage two umpires training. The YCSPL LEB are currently in discussions with the ACO to offer a subsidy on the courses to those members that go on to umpire in our League. Those interested in scoring should contact Steve Ward for details on courses. 
As ever, if you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact me - I will always try to be as open as I can be. 
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